Saturday, June 7, 2014

remedies for dog ear mites If you are looking for real natural ear mite remedies for dogs then this is one video you will not want to miss!

Your dog can have everal types of mites that can live in your dog’s ear, but the most common are otodectes cynotis-tiny, eight-legged parasites that feed on the wax and oils in a dog’s ear canal. An individual mite has a three-week life cycle, and is barely detectable by the naked eye. Causing irritation and inflammation, ear mites can infect the external and internal canal, and lead to more serious skin or ear infections if left untreated. Infection usually produces a characteristic dark discharge; in some cases, the ear canal can become entirely obstructed by this coffee ground-like debris.

You can battle this bad bacteria with good bacteria...Enter probiotics for dogs.

Probiotics fight bad bacteria with good bacteria. This kills the bad bacteria and rids your dog of ear mites. For more information on how you can kill the bad bacteria in your dogs ears naturall visit this link:

This is by far the best ear mite remedy for dogs!

Video clip can also be viewed right here

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